Peter Bishop is based in New South Wales in Australia. He set up Websites.fm in 2006 to offer an out-of-the-box website solution for small businesses, artists, ecommerce stores and blogs. Websites.fm includes features such as content management, membership, ecommerce and email marketing.

We spoke with Peter about how Session Replay has helped him discover why some visitors are not converting on his clients’ websites and how it helps him optimize his Google Ads campaigns for a better return on investment.

“I noticed some visitors were abandoning one of my clients’ websites. My client is based in Adelaide and they often get visitors from New South Wales and Sydney. 

Watching back with Session Replay, I could see some visitors moving their mouse around the phone number before they abandoned the site. It became apparent to me that they were being put off by the Adelaide area code and assuming that their location was outside of my clients’ coverage area.

These types of insights are invaluable and show me where I need to update information on a page so visitors will be more likely to continue with their visit rather than abandon a site. So I think Session Replay is gold. I think it's a genius product.“ 

A broken link on Peter’s own website was causing some visitors to abandon it. Session Replay showed him where people were clicking and the server error they were seeing, enabling him to fix it up in a matter of minutes.

“There was one link in the footer that had led to a forbidden directory. Playing back a session, I could see this visitor was clicking on everything, looking at all these things, and it all was really positive. I'm like, "Oh, yeah, go and click on the contact form." They clicked on Websites.fm logo in the footer, and it went to a forbidden directory and threw up an error, and they left.

I know there are other apps that can find broken links for you, but I was actually able to visually see this through StatCounter's Session Replay.“

Peter also provides lead generation and digital advertising services for his clients and Session Replay has helped him optimize his Google Ads campaigns and discover fraudulent ad clicks.

“It's unreal for tracking Google Ads, failed ad clicks as well because you can see whether people are actually mousing over anything on the landing page after they click on the ad. If there’s no activity on the page, you know it's gotta be a bot.”

Some of Peter’s clients request that he installs Google Analytics in addition to Statcounter. He let us know why he prefers Statcounter for ease of use, clearer email reports and more accurate traffic data.

“I don't like Google Analytics at all. I find it hard to read, and I find it difficult for my customers to read. It's too complicated. It doesn't block the bots, and, you know, you've got to set up IP blocking and things like that. There are just so many ways of drilling down into the information in Google Analytics, but you need a technical degree to do it. 

With StatCounter, it's just a lot more straightforward and we get extra detail. It shows me the ISP as well as the region. I don’t think Google Analytics shows that. And the email reports are wonderful. They're nice and clean, and include everything my customers need to know.”

If you haven’t yet experienced the valuable insights Session Replay can bring to your business, you can try it now for free for one week.

The Statcounter Team